Studying Communication of Fashion, How Go Dressed to a Wedding in April and Tredencias Answers

Many of you already know that in Jared have a section called Jezebel answers where can we ask any questions you have related to the world of fashion. We love that we ask and you to participate, all we managed to clear many doubts. Today we bring you the best questions and answers of the week, and we hope that you also bring your your opinions. We hope you like it!

Eva22 asked us the following question:

Could you tell me what is the college career of fashion communication?
Races or fashion communication courses refer to the communication of a brand, shop etc from different fields (online, press…) Normally there are companies that dedicated entirely to it and seek out people with studies in fashion or the branch of journalism, communication relations public etc. You can study in many fashion schools and universities is Spain. I advise that you seek information online in different fashion schools and many magazines have their own courses of communication where there are practices. You have more information here

Miquela has a wedding in April and want to know the following:

Hello, I have a wedding in April at 7 pm. Dress short or long? What colors will be used? Thank you

Raquecaren is correct in his response:

If it is in the afternoon can be long or short, I have no idea how it is your physical, if you’re young, you have more options, example with a little dress, heels and a few good accessories, also dress com peplum dresses short campaign, thousand options, depending on your physical… There are apes very elegant fabrics and for that type of event that with good accessories, such as a belt, they highlight. Few accessories, heels, a clutch, a few tendrils. In terms of colors I not fixed is fashionable, but I choose what goes with me, and that I like it. I hope to serve you useful, love raquecaren.

We ask you about different interesting topics:

What do you think of what fashion bloggers are the protagonists of the campaigns of major brands?

Luciamp gives us his opinion:

Personally removed me the desire to follow that since blogguer to my goal, and I believe that the vast majority, is to give us ideas when it comes to dress ourselves and signatures that advertise are available to very few people. For that they are already the famous (actresses for example). The bloggers were born as reference and reflection of the people standing.
What is your favorite online store right now?

The best answer was Mariafr:

At the moment only I have done online shopping at Asos. I got everything in about 5 days and shipping are free. In addition there are offers every bit so juxtaposes quite profitable hehe.
EBay also find some bargains but I don’t buy much.
Are also the typical sites Inditex stores but there already charge you shipping costs although they are not usually very high and okay if there are no size or color in store.
I hope I helped! To see if someone also comments any more than I’m interested! 🙂

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