Special Luxury Weddings in Embelezzia

We just leave behind the special Valentine’s fancy but love does not leave Embelezzia. This feeling is by carrying out the complicated Organization of a wedding. MIL details to keep in mind and want to contribute our grain of sand with this new interest: Luxury Weddings.

The preparations go beyond the main protagonists, the bride and groom. The rest of the family has important roles to play in that great day. Choose the ideal location, the perfect menu, follow the Protocol and label they carry tables can be overwhelming.

Our purpose will be to propose you the how and where of a stylish, exclusive and unique wedding. The day of the big event happens very fast and will be a memory for life. You have to prepare it patiently but without a pause, to make it just as you dreamed. Who said that couples are not already married? They do so, and many of them decide to be overhand.