Save The Date-Useful And Fun Tips

It is done! Have engaged you!-Perhaps already after a short time (if it fits, then it fits!) or after many years of stable relationship? No matter how your situation is straight, with a Save-the-date card you can make with your families, friends and acquaintances definitely pleasant surprise and them guaranteed to put a smile in the face… Who is not pleased when he finds something very special, beautiful and personal between the unpopular bills?

Save the date card to the print out yourself: Vintage Roses by e.m.papers

Save the date!-So you your guests long before the Festival puts a smile on the face

“Before inviting”, that lands six to eight months before your big day in the letter box of the guests in the ideal case, you ensures that they can keep free the appointment.


Your save-the-date card should necessarily contain the following points:

Who? Your names.

When? The date on which your celebration will be held.

What? The reason for sending the card (E.g. “we get married!”).

Do not forget to indicate that further information will follow.

Optional: Individuals who you want to invite with accompaniment, you can point out at this time.This ensures clear circumstances.

The “how?” and the “Where?” can save you you for the actual invitation. As a result you’ll get some air during the wedding planning. Another advantage of the save-the-date card: On the basis of the responses to the shipping, you can reasonably estimate how many guests will follow your invitation.


In the design of the map, there are hardly limits. Guys like what! And trying to be this as authentic as possible. Because: While the re-enactment of the movie poster for the film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” for a pair of police officers might be a cool idea, for example, a kindergarten teacher and a banker with guns seem quite out of place. (Be) most touching cards are the ones that are directly related to the bride and groom and their relationship. You came much? How about a world map where you draw your common path and the target (the wedding day)?

Who may be less creative, goes well with a graphically styled text. While you can opt for the reduced version, which contains only the bare essentials (see above). Or, but it adds a striking wedding quote or a quote.

For example:

In love. We’re getting married!

We don’t have to.We do not need. We want!

/ He has asked./ He said yes!

We say yes!

Love a person means agree to grow old with him.Albert Camus

We are all angels with one wing.We need to embrace each other, if we want to fly. Luciano De Cresenzo

Individually we are words, together a poem. Georg Bydlinski

Your “before”invitation also receives a personal touch when you show as few face. This must not be a classical portrait photo. Get loose! Playful shots with character are mostly much emotional.

For what form the “before”invitation you always decide: the Save-to-date card is much less formal than the wedding invitation. Therefore, raging from you!But does something that fits you!


Get inspired: you will find here our collection of ideas, quotes, proverbs, and ideas for couple shots on the subject in our Pinterestboard: Save the date.

Inspires others! Your save-the-date card or wedding invitation was particularly beautiful or original? We are very pleased if your examples of land in our Inbox and make us smile in the face!