Royal Wedding between Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock: The Official Car, Lexus LS 600 H L

The Royal Monaco wedding between Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock will be held next July 1 (civil link) and the religious ceremony on 2 July. And in two days, a car will be protagonist, the Lexus LS 600 h L.

Last spring we were closely watching this same model, spectacular. I can assure the future Princess Charlene will have hole surplus to accommodate your dress, if you are nervous, you will receive a massage and if you feel thirsty have a special fridge to taste the champagne chosen for the banquet.

The Lexus arrived at the Palace on June 23.

In addition, Lexus It has become the Lexus LS 600 L in convertible, a perfect idea that all Monegasques can follow to the newlyweds for the journey through the streets of Monaco. If it rains, it shall be covered by a transparent roof. If not, convertible.

In the Gallery I leave pictures of the car in detail, in a day of test for Madrid.

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