Romantic Wedding With Braces Duty By Forma Photography

Nadja and Clemens had met in their work in a camera shop and working for Manuela and Martin by Forma Photography was something special. The introductory talk concerned photography and many small details that Nadja had already in advance exactly planned. After the religious ceremony, Nadja and Clemens were just fresh, married, after out there called. Miki brought all guests on a cool refreshment, with his ice cream truck which specially brought the children’s eyes shine. The male guests are Nadja’s desire “Braces duty” (which she had expressed in the invitation) met and everyone wore stylish suspenders under his jacket. The bride was delighted!

What moment was at its worst during the wedding planning and what guess her future couples?
At the beginning I knew did not where to start before loud many thoughts, ideas and impressions, then a dear friend gave me a wedding planner (book) and then couldn’t it go go properly. I can recommend only if you (or woman 😉 plans the wedding yourself!

Do it yourself tip of the bride:
I made my husband a photobook of our seven years of “you & me” and to his suit, Furthermore he was happy. We have created it later to the guestbook table, which brings personal insight and the guests were very impressed.

The best moment for you on the day of the wedding?
It is difficult to reduce to a moment, there’s plenty of that. Here an excerpt: 1) the moment we first saw as we. (2) after we have each read the wedding vows to us and kissed us, our guests were so pleased and delighted that they all applauded. And touched very us both to feel this joy of our guests. 3) as our relatives and friends congratulated us, that was very emotional and beautiful.(4) and our day was perfect when we realized that the Festival was successful and our guests feel very much at home in the evening and have fun.

Again, what would you do?
Cut the wedding cake in the afternoon and not kidnapped the bride.

And what no longer or change?
That nothing reminds us now.

Author: FORMA photography
Wedding dress: St. Patrick
Shoes: Zalando
Groom: Tommy Hilfiger
Hair: Martin Auer
Make-up: Sandra Strele
Florist: CP flowers charisma
Location: Villa Blanka
Papeterie: DIY
Event coordination: DIY
Master of ceremonies: Mr prelate, Dr. Walter Paul Hlinka