Romantic Barn Wedding

The wedding of Valentina has had much fun with her girlfriends after their performances to make the whole wedding. Together they have tinkered with much zeal and joy for hours on the invitations and the decoration. Pinterest served them as useful ideas. For the bride and groom Valentina & Philip, but the most important thing was that they can celebrate a loving celebration together with their friends and family. The images that have stuck Manuela and Martin by Forma Photography show that this is managed. Enjoy your photos of this romantic barn wedding on this beautiful summer day…

Author: Forma Photography
Wedding gown: Adriane Böhm
Shoes: Ozone Kufstein
Groom: Boggi Milano
Rings: goldsmiths Dieterle
Hair: & makeup: friend
Florist: floret Kiefersfelden
Location: Z’Bach Wildschönau
Catering: Zaglers Genusskuchl, Wildschönau
Papeterie: homemade

Barn wedding of Valentina & Philipp

The best moment for you on the day of the wedding?

The whole day was a dream from beginning to end. To call a beautiful moment, you can’t. His favorite people has made to have and to spend hours of Nice/fun for us to highlight the day.

What moment was at its worst during the wedding planning and what guess her future couples?

Not too much stress! Especially the brides going in the months, weeks, days before the wedding soooo much through the head. (V) I’m a little perfectionist, and so everything had to fit together with me. But even if everything according to his ideas is not accurate – the guests don’t know how it should be 😉 You can never do right about all. Therefore, you should look best on himself and the wedding in such a way that one feels himself comfortable with it first.

Give her our readers what DIY Tip can?

We did almost everything, table design, guest gifts, decoration, chalkboard, etc… Just browse on Pinterest, so the trappings gets also a personal flair. We (I and my friends) have made much and fiddled. But just this time together was a very exciting and I want to Miss nothing.

Again, what would you do?


And what no longer or change?

We would change anything. Everything was as it should be, and even if not everything is gone as hoped, so belongs to and you should just smile. It is often the small imperfect moments that make special a day. ZB.: I not from the outset planned barefoot and with my wedding dress through a freezing River to run – but it was all good as it was.