Red Rose Bridal Bouquet Ideas

The bride who chooses a red bouquet declares his passion so loud and clear, with a touch of style decided. Red is always a color that symbolizes’ love more vehement, unbridled feeling: what better way to express it than with a bunch of flowers to the theme? This shade is suitable for many different styles, from classic to the most original. The red flowers are not many, but this does not mean that you have a restricted choice. Do you want to find out what and how many types of red bouquet exist? Follow our advice!
Variety of flowers and red fruit…

If we think of the color red, we are immediately reminded of the roses, symbol of flowers par excellence, the protagonists wedding bouquets and flower arrangements for centerpieces more chic. Another flower perfect for this strong hue is the poppy, original and delicate, not recommended in days too hot. Even the tulips are not far behind, more mischievous of roses but still very elegant, increasingly quoted by brides worldwide. Red are the peonies, in different shades, as well as gerberas, the famous “Margheritone” colored. You would think that the choice is pretty much over, but you are wrong. Do not forget the vermilion of the street, or the garish red of some small fruits, such as currants, cherries, berries, bonsai apples, original and beautiful to color a wedding bouquet more summery.

Many shades for red bouquet

The Red offers different shades and nuances to the wedding dresses, from the most classic scarlet red, the darker burgundy. Here you can decide whether to make a bouquet light or dark, if you play with different shades, or you wager on the monochrome.

For a classic and romantic, choose roses or tulips, so beautiful in all their naturalness. If you prefer to give more volume to the bouquet or if you want a messy and wild appearance, entered buds different, peonies, berries, perhaps combined with some green leaves or some field of white flower.

Chic decorations for the bouquet

How to decorate a red bouquet? Some people opt for either a minimalist style, with a simple ribbon around the stems of the flowers, those who prefer the round bouquet, neat and chic, but those who want to do things in style, applying beads or rhinestones to roses. The height of elegance is the cascade bouquet, elaborate and chic. Many brides choose to create fake bouquet, made ​​of paper or fabric, or the most original bouquet with small objects, such as buttons. Finally, if you want to make a bouquet DIY, you can opt for a simple bouquet of flowers, suitable for a chic country style or vintage.