Red Alert! I Have a Wedding and Not Know What to Wear

Red alert! Red alert! I have a wedding and as always I’ve slept on our laurels. What to wear? ¿Me what I put? How to get stylish and chic wing again? Ah, there are too many things that think right now but the truth is that them, bloggers, sometimes provide very good ideas. For all the tastes and colors, options are more daring than others, but with a surprising result.

And this year I want to be perfect and be the Center of attention (not for ir ridiculous or anything like that). Using dress or blouse and maxifalda, This 2014 We will achieve a super set to go perfect without stealing her limelight the bride.

Our proposal

  • Asymmetrical dress from the collection Conscious Exclusive of H & M, 199 euros.
  • White Blazer from Topshop, 64 euros.
  • Beaded clutch of ASOs, 36,52 euros.
  • Sandal heels with Gold Plaque of Zara, 55,95 EUR.

Photos | Tuula, Fashionable J.

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