Protocol Error on The Royal Wedding

Like many of you I’ve spent the weekend collecting images to see in detail what has escaped us in the direct of the Royal Wedding. And one of the images that struck me was to see in the Westminster Abbey to the Reina Sofia sitting with the Prince and Princess of Asturias.

Dear organizers of the Royal Wedding, the situation is a Protocol error. Why? Queen Sofia is sovereign and not heiress, then it should have been on the same line as the Queen Margarita de Dinamarca or the King of Norway.

According to the Protocol of the Royal families, the sovereigns of the heirs; always have preference that is why the Queen of Denmark, by being the longest on the throne was the first followed by the sovereign of Norway. Even as consort, the Queen of Spain should have gone behind Harald of Norway, but never in the row of the heirs.

It is more, Prince Philip, as his father the most veteran King, should have headed the second row, and nor did it. A small detail that surely will not happen in another Royal Wedding. Prince Albert of Monaco, notes.