Planning Wedding, Festival Or Event?

Whether planning a birthday, an anniversary, or else a celebration, often know not which one to begin. Who emanates from the needs and desires of the celebrants, can soon develop a first idea, the Festival could look like. As so often is the devil but in the detail. Finding the right service provider with the harmonious products can be a real feat of strength.

Fixed and wedding fairs 2016/2017

Maja Stuber fair head of fixed and wedding fairs St. Gallen, Basel and Zurich for you makes this feat of strength, and also this year again assembles a selection of service providers. You can enjoy comfortably in a place, clarify your questions, and compare them with each other. Weekend of 5 and 6 November 2016 you will find it in St. Gallen, the weekend of the 12th and 13th November 2016 in Basel and the conclusion of the Zurich makes fixed and wedding fairs on the weekend of the 7th and 8 January 2017.

To achieve their goals, Maja Stuber lives according to the motto: “Do not go where the path may lead, but where is no path, and leave a trail.” In the interview she granted us insight in their exhausting but exciting way of trade fair planning…

Interview with Maja Stuber, fair head fixed and wedding fairs St. Gallen, Basel and Zurich

, For eight years you are Maja now as show Director for the Festival – and wedding fairs in St. Gallen, Basel and Zurich responsible. What it takes to match the wedding service providers and the future brides and grooms each year?

Maja: to remain safe for us always to the ravages of time, try to record the trends, and never forgetting that our bridal couples between 25-45 years old are even as we age is important. Of course is also a flair for an attractive mix of industry, as well as patience and sales talent of importance.

Again and again to renew as a trade fair concept and innovative ideas to liven up the need for enormous creativity. What can you inspire you? How can you incorporate the current trends & innovations?

Maja: Who knows me probably know that I have more eyes and ears open.After almost ten years, the experience, the network, but also the platforms such as wedding network and wedding award Switzerland help me. If a Congress in Germany is, can you meet me there!

How do you find the matching as going to couple from the approximately 200 service providers for its individual wedding celebration?

Maja: The bride and groom should be above all time. Once run by the fair, first impressions collect and pass then still targeted at companies coming into question for it and appointments. The trade fair magazine take, indicate which service provider in question come. Or even the VIP weekend ticket book, then you can enjoy dinner in a hotel on Saturday and Sunday at the fair and even a candle light.

According to the development of our society, all should be individual and modern traditions around the celebrations of festivals are currently a bit dusted? You got married myself last year. Did you let yourself be guided by traditions or what was personally important to you?

Maja: Oh yes, I’m I think typical woman Swiss. And I also believe that the blessing, the ring Exchange, the feast with the family, the white wedding dress, the photos, almost impossible to imagine the wedding cake, etc. are. The individual is in my opinion only in the upper third of the pyramid. I was personally important, that all of our friends and family have a welcoming feast with us, and we can still remember back.

What tips can you give our future wedding couples on the way as newlyweds for planning and perhaps also for the time after the big celebration?

Maja: Who starts early and stress instead of leaves, also enjoys the preparations, realizes that this is a wonderful time. To remain true to yourself in the style and ‘ his day ‘ organize and not like others want to, I think it’s important. Also a Weddingplaner is quite recommended. Beware for the time after the celebration, if no honeymoon planned, just 2-3 days free and enjoys and revels in the memories.

I look forward to the bridal couples and visitors personally this year in the wedding forums as Hochzeitsbloggerin answer. What question would you ask me?

Maja: What is the trend in the coming year for bridal wear? I am unique in what dress? And what happens in terms of the whole decoration? What could go to the festival itself wrong? Where and how you know you always have the latest trends? How do you get all the information for your blog?

Thanks to Maja Stuber for your great responses!

Also you can bomb me with questions. On Sunday, November 6, 2016 at 11:00 in the wedding Forum at the fest-und Hochzeitsmesse St., I’m here for you Gallen. What do you know about me?

I look forward now to a learning of expert on and your interesting questions!

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Then nothing more in the way of your lucky start in the successful wedding planning-is you have fun!