Paarshooting Dusk of The Wedding Photographers of Forma Photography

In Las Vegas, the event of wedding photographers held every year: the WPPI Expo. Martin and Manuela by forma photography from Austria on the way have made himself this year, to get on the other side of the Atlantic by the best in the industry. One afternoon they have already set out together with another photographer couple from Austria, to put the theory into practice.Rented car and drove to Nelson in Nevada. Why? Because you will find there almost perfect conditions to take great pictures… Starting with the location in a ghost town in the nowhere…

M & Martin of forma photography have provided the few some questions:Tells us a bit about you (age, school, career, hobbies…):
We are both 29 years old. Met for the 1st class grades. For over 12 years, are a couple and got married before 2 ½ years. Make the profession just our biggest hobby: wedding photography. Preferably we would spend 24/7 with each other and therefore we work to now already very diligently to this dream carry out.

Marie tell us, what was your first impression of Michael?
He is calm, quiet and attentive, as the other boys. That has attracted me and was also the reason why our friendship started.

What was Michael your first impression of Marie?
We know each other for so long, because I honestly don’t remember, what was my first impression. Marie was a very good friend and more has the resulting then fortunately.

Tells us the story of your proposal?
Very romantic, classic, but still original. I took Marie to Paris, more specifically after Dourdan, where I made her a marriage proposal during an exclusive balloon ride.

What do you Marie Michael?
That it’s always there for me, supported me in difficult times, is 100% behind me and so I just loves me: funny, wacky, thought-provoking, and also grumpy.

What do you Michael Marie?
That she makes with every stupid and always supported me.

What can you laugh?
We love common television evenings and especially if we it’s us on the couch watching sitcoms such as King of Queens, my cool Uncle Charlie, how I met your mother and big bang theory can make comfortable. Since we have to switch off time, Herum to chess and to laugh together.

Do you have plans, desires, dreams for the future?
A cottage on the edge of a forest to spend 24/7 with each other, surrounded by nature and many beautiful images for photos.

How does it feel to be married?
Actually not much has changed our marriage, except that we are now more connected.

Thanks Manuela and Martin – also on Tyrolean “Galts God”, for the beautiful photos.