Not Wear White to a Wedding

Forget the idea of ​​the total white wedding dress.

We do not know who stipulated the rule that the wedding dress should be white. Well, one thing is certain: some rules have to be broken, especially when it comes to fashion and your big day. Why not go against the tradition and wear the wedding dress in another color?

It’s what many women are doing there. They left white in the photo album for their mothers and grandmothers, and chose colorful, bright and even printed models. What are advantages of not wearing in white? An endless possibilities. To get even better, remember that the color with dress has less “bride face”.

Crazy to get married in a different outfit, but lack inspiration? We combined models for all tastes, which in the category of beauty! Choose one comfortable and suitable for your taste.

Blush pink

Blush pink is a good color to wear at the wedding according to ANYCOUNTYPRIVATESCHOOLS if your intention is only to escape a little from the traditional color. It is stylish and matches the mood of the party and even if the pink is not in your favorite color list. Give your wedding a bit more of romanticism and softness.


Using red refers to the passion. It makes sense to choose this shade, right? But remember that the tone is for brides who are not afraid of anything, since the role of the spotlight is redoubled when the party’s star is red. Usually it works best in marriages performed in the winter and to keep the color discreetly, bet the wedding dress that has only a few red nuances.

Bright and metal

Glow from head to toe will make you the most accomplished bride of all? So the easiest way is to use a gold or silver outfit with sequins, rhinestones and embroidery. Pure luxury, typical of royalty!


Fun, different and perfect for ceremonies to light, prints fill your personality dress. Anything goes: the more discreet to the most striking floral prints, through the gradient colors.


The little black dress is the new compared to the tradition of white dresses. And no, you will not look like a goth. The black dress can be very glamorous and elegant. It works well at weddings in cocktail style.