New Reading: Wedding e-Zines

In this cold time of year I’m back like in the bedroom. Put me under the blanket. My laptop on the new Tablet from IKEA. And next to it on the bedside table a grey Earl is tea with a little sugar and milk. Then I lean back and enjoy the latest E-mags.

Today I give you my favorite “fresh print” magazine. With many ideas & inspiration from the world of the wedding. Accompanied me on this wedding journey through America, New Zealand and Portugal.

Open publication-free publishing-more bride

…und if you liked this issue? Can you even really “before happy”, because in January the new comes out already.

Not only their E-Magazine is wonderfully beautiful. On their new Web siteMagnolia Rouge can look at her gorgeous photo shoots weddings from the other side of the globe. And incidentally, they are also quite Moodboards. Or what do you think?

S MAGAZINE getting married!
Unfortunately, I can no Portuguese. In this issue, I must rely exclusively on the. But what I’ve seen, I like very much. But please see yourself, maybe it has Yes readers among us who speak this language are. You can then tell us the details here!

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Do you need more magazines tips? What are you – more weddings or even more do it yourself ideas or rather about fashion?

I want to know what you want! So write me here or on Facebook. Oh yeah and you can read all on the iPad. Have fun!