Mood Board 2: In The Oberland In The Bernese Oberland.

  1. Marry, eat and party in the Hotel/restaurant blue sea.
  2. Blue pumps.A little splash of color. To the dance…
  3. …und for a small walk to the Blue Lake.Then you can feed as the Organic Trout before you eat them.
  4. Chocolate cake.Looks like a small tree trunk. Pretty with the butterfly. Since the colors are repeated again.
  5. Save-the-date, invitations, menus and of course the thank you cards – everything from a single source.Here with the beautiful mountains in the background. Could the non-Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau be? At the end, the right stamp completes the whole. Best online in the post philatelic shop – which has the largest selection.
  6. The bridal bouquet with blue Thistles.Loosely tied it as even picked acts.
  7. Swiss Highland single malt whisky ICE LABELby the company Rugenbräu was matured in the eternal ice of the Jungfraujoch at 3454 m-mmh there is guaranteed each warm the heart!
  8. The real inspiration for this mood Board has delivered to me with his image of the sneezing Paul Klee . Wonderful blue. Due to the most beautiful lakes in the Oberland.
  9. A simplewedding dress. Again, the cut and the Silk Satin which were chosen for the dress, reflect the partially untouched nature. For me the perfect wedding dress for this purpose.
  10. Meringue, meringue or meringue also must be on the dessert buffet to choose from anyway.
  11. Fresh acts of men’s jacket in the blue-white striped Seersucker.The right combination for summery weather near a lake. In contrast, the dotted blue tie and white pouch fit here.

No matter where you live or work goes into the Bernese Oberland to the marry… s ‘ Bernese Oberland is nicely ö Ön…