Modern Calligraphy By a Creative Affair

Do you remember how it was in the school? How many times had we practice writing. Only the letters individually, then a whole word. How long it lasted but, until you had written the whole text in a somewhat readable. It was in the lower grades. You could write perfectly in the middle tier. We girls also has slowly put us in the calligraphy. Among us, there were already differences in the handwriting and peculiarities. How to now write the a or z with z. Then it went downhill: jot was then in high school and continues to this day. Main thing you can decipher the manuscript itself.

An exception I worth but in any case: write the cards for special moments.

Image: Clara Tuma

For such moments, I can recommend you also Clara Tuma of A creative affair. With your modern calligraphy, it combines the importance of the document in a work of art for the story. For your personal history.

Her handwriting has a unique style. He captivates with a bias, how she writes the individual letters. And the material that was used. Calligraphy is incredibly versatile. With the Quill and ink on paper. Also watercolors or gouache. Chalk for the Blackboard. Also fabric can beautify Clara with your writing.Incredibly, the calligraphy is as versatile.

Clara makes you a personal wedding logo with which you your save-the-date cards and the whole Hochzeitspapeterie individually can implement. Place cards, menu cards, or signs, she can write all sorts of things. Designed a unique stationery, according to your wishes and ideas.

Image: Melanie Nedelko

You did get married already? Then let your wedding vows with the modern, unmistakable handwriting of Clara Tuma kalligrafieren and frame. A beautiful piece of memory of your wedding party and a work of art for your everlasting love.

Contact: Clara Tuma A creative affair Zurich

I’m really romantic. Yes, the calligraphy definitely has it in itself. She has something light, but it is not easy to write with the pen beautifully. It takes a lot of patience and practice. If you are interested to learn it yourself, there arehere an online course by Melissa Esplin in English.

Get pleasure? What do you like to write? It writes any more cards?