Magic pie from the bakery of Sisi Siewert

It is a paradise! The bakery by Jessica Siewert-my personal female Zuckerbunt. A so sympathetic, woman who can handle a positively around the finger. Estimated 100 cakes, which are all heart have the filling, Jessica is still so pleased with each order as if it were for their own wedding.

My dear fiance asked me weeks before we had the Degustationstermin at Jessica, when please this appointment is. So much attention for the wedding planning I was now not really used. In Windisch (AG) arrived we

were warmly welcomed and it was so right to the point. Front I can say
possible all – is everything OK. We sat like bugs bunny with his beet before the head in front of the Degustationsportionen. Almost an hour! It was torture. But it has paid off. We were allowed to try at random through the various wedding cakes, a total of 5 flavours. These ranged from double up to Black Forest vanilla, lemon rush, White Vanilla, chocolate-chocolate. Just super yummy. What we have chosen? Don’t tell we here. Even go and let you surprise by this incredible diversity. Color, everything is possible and the flowers must be chosen where the design is here a bit limited.

My insider tip, wildcard times differently. Yes how? Of course in edible form. All the guests names are written on a biscuit. Finest handmade and surfliner palate greatest joy. So stay the ushers can remember and not at home gathering dust, or end up in the trash can.

See even look like wonderful tasty all the creations by Jessica… this way please.

Thank you Jessica for the pictures!