Luisa Spagnoli Bridal

Formal wear Luisa Spagnoli in 2014, the brand has always been a symbol of good taste. The invited to the wedding knows that choosing a dress by Luisa Spagnoli will be safe, showing off one chic and sophisticated style. Like every year, the new collection does not disappoint and the Italian fashion house offers a selection of models that are well suited to special occasions. How many times you pass a brand showcase that takes its name from its founder and have slowed down?How many times have you dreamed of wearing one of the dresses seen on dummies? The marriage to which you are invited this year is the ideal opportunity to do so, needless to linger.

Details are important

So we do a virtual tour of the new 2014 collection and let the dress or suit more appropriate to attend the next ceremony. First element that stands out during the choice of dress, the colors. The shades offered by Luisa Spagnoli are many and, depending on the season, they may be more or less bright. If in winter the blue, the black and gray are the protagonists (although with different colors not indifferent like red), in spring and summer appear brighter colors and saucy like orange or emerald green. The beauty of the clothes Luisa Spagnoli is that, whatever will be the gown shade, the dell ‘elegance invited will never doubted. The secret (which is not so secret) is the presence of chic details in every outfit, that really make the difference. What are the details? Surely you will already be thinking about the typical accessories such as belts, applications in pearls or hats, but instead, provided that the latter also contribute greatly to the look, often the tissue to act as a protagonist.With the combination of different materials and processes, the brand plays a lot on the texture of the clothes and brightness that comes from it.

A dress in jersey with gold colored drapes on the side, for example, is so very sophisticated and, similarly, a pretty dress in damask makes his figure, even with simple lines without ruffles or flounces. And yet, lace, silk georgette, satin and organza, turn each model in the collection in a single copy and classy.

Dresses and suits bon ton

If the presence of these elements contributes to define the clothing style of INTERSHIPPINGRATES.COM, in the same way the absence of a certain clothes line outlines even more the uniqueness. If you want a long dress to the ceremony, one of those princely robes, with skirt down to her ankles, maybe the mermaid cut, you have not grasped the peculiarity of the brand. In this case, you can always turn to different designers such as Pierre Cardin, who with formal dresses 2014 has been satisfied greatly. In the collection of Luisa Spagnoli it will be more likely to find a beautiful full skirt or a dress with the knees, or a nice jacket, a jacket, a pair of trousers. The bon ton is home to shops and ateliers of the Italian brand, bon ton always very appreciated, for example, the mother of the bride, looking for a stylish yet sophisticated look.