Le Spose Di Giò Wedding Dresses

Le spose di Giò 2015, the new collection of wedding dresses is sober, minimalist but an inimitable elegance. Retro at times but always in step with the new wedding trends, this line meets the needs of every bride with soft clothes and slipped, but also models “Princely States”. Discover together.

Coming to the wedding and you still haven’t found the right outfit? Have you tried many, beautiful, but none that would make you really feel a bride? Don’t despair and don’t miss the new collection of dresses brides Giò 2015, a line that focuses on simplicity of the cuts but which stands out for the quality of details and the particulars, which are the ones that make all the difference.

The models in the new collection are all share a certain preference for extremely elegant and sophisticated cuts made from silk and slipped from tulle, used to add volume where it should be.Even the lace is a constant for those models that focus on fine details, perfect outfits for a woman who dreams of a Classic wedding dress, romantic, but at the same time simply modern.

The brand Le spose di Giò focuses on simplicity, but leaving the brides the chance to customize the dress making all changes to fit the type of person but also the mood of the wedding. Among the finest wedding dresses do not go unnoticed ones in mikado embellished with lace shoulders working, showcasing her back but they do it with elegance and modesty.

They are not lacking princely wedding dresses with ample skirts cushioned with layers of tulle, and there are also many wedding dresses perfect for the spring and fall, with sleeves or three quarters, made from lightweight lace and decidedly retro. In short, this year Le Spose di Giò has thought of you all with a breakfast that meets the tastes of even the most discerning bride. The most beautiful models of the new 2015 collection can be found in our gallery.