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Brand facts:

Kenneth Pool is a world famous fashion brand specializing in designing bridal gowns and wedding dresses for women in the world.

Kenneth Pool Bridal Dresses

Their designs focus on the key essence of ultimate femininity combined with sexy, dramatic and confident glamour, hoping to express a vision of confidence, artistry and pleasure which endows the brides a beauty of seductiveness and elegance.


Main Categories:

Bridal gowns, wedding dresses


Time and place: 2003, US

Early products: bridal gowns, bridal strapless dresses

Founder: Amsale Aberra


Headquarter Location:
New York, US

Store Locations:

US, Canada, Lebanon, Bangkok, Qatar, Australia, China, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Venezuela


New Arrivals:



Price Range:

Bridal gowns: USD400-USD5999


Official Website:

Kenneth Pool



Trends in Wedding Dresses

If the 2016 is the year of your marriage, you must have the well crowded head… to organize every detail of celebration, so multiply! On everything how we want to make the job easier, giving you a few tips that will help you enjoy an unforgettable day.


The wedding dress is one of the most important elements of this celebration, which is why we presenttrends in 2016 wedding dresses to choose the one you want.

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The colors of the wedding gowns 2016

Obviously, white continues to be one of the stars of the wedding gowns in 2016 colors, however, in the palette of colours, different ranges of white ranging from ivory to the Pearl gray broke.

Bolder 2016 wedding dresses trends add a pink tone to the dresses: you can find pink, or the more discreet totally developed parts that only include details of this color.

Dresses with drooping shoulders

It is one of the biggest trends for the 2016 wedding dresses: dresses with drooping shoulders appeared in almost all the collections of the great designers.

This look draws an inspired Greek goddess bride and let the shoulders uncovered, with a simple half sleeve that surrounds them. It is a very bold and original proposal that shows a romantic and Hellenic bride.

Wedding dresses with sleeves

After that Kate Middleton married with a wedding dress with sleeves, the trend for 2016 has taken. However, the sleeves we present now the creators are shorter, with a length that happens, to the maximum of the forearm.

A urban wedding dress

Among the wedding gowns 2016 trends, highlight one in particular: it is inspired by the look casual confections that offer a sensual but urban bride.

For a casualstyle, creators have staked on the shirt dresses, that they present a wedding dresses which the upper part is the typical elements of a shirt: buttons, close to the Center, cut right, and so on. To differentiate the top (shirt) of the lower part (the skirt), they bet on the insertion of belts.

Another element used to create this urban style is to have integrated pockets to wedding dresses; This trend brings to the dress a youthful and original mind.

Wedding dresses necklines

In 2016, the necklines of brides are drawn with transparent or semi-transparent elements that add a touch of romantic and seductive. Another cry, these are false bustier necklines : Cup bustier dresses that still carry the shoulders covered with a transparent cloth in sailing.

Back on the air

The creators are more followers of “the sensuality of the back”. Another trend in the wedding gowns 2016, are discovered with backs of vertiginous necklines that show a very feminine part of the female body.

In addition to the huge back necklines, there’s the tattoo effect: the embroideries and lace transparent overlap neckline thus, creating an appearance of tattoo.

As accessory star gloves

The incorporation of the gloves in 2016 wedding dresses came into force in different collections of great creators. These are the wedding dress accessories that may as well be in a long creation, type bracelet and some rely even on the gauntlets (i.e., without fabric on the fingers). Bridal Gloves are usually made of lace, tulle, or leather.

Trends ongoing

The Mermaid look continues to be one of the largest of wedding dresses trends in 2016.However, this style has been reinvented by offering lines more sexy and daring with very girdled creations and heart shaped necklines that highlight the chest.

Another trend of wedding dresses that is strongly present in collections of 2016, hippie inspiration. It’s the dresses designed with natural fabrics that have a full floral details or nature-inspired bride. The crowns of flowers as well as long skirts are very common.

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