Kaviar Gauche Latest Bridal Collection

A bride”nude look” paraded on the catwalk by Kaviar Gauche at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin: a dress-no-clothes; it’s just a bra and a white thong, with a tulle veil to cover (so to say) the whole. Of course it is a provocation, to announce the “moment bride” in the parade. As you can see from the video they then paraded on the catwalk even the classics wedding, perfect for a chic and traditional marriage. How about?Definitely a look more suited to the wedding night that no marriage…

Kaviar Gauche proposes a counter-bride with a mix of sacred and profane … more profane than sacred to be honest! The collection I still enjoyed many senior clothing. Chiffon, really chic and beautiful, very classic and dedicated to a bride who wants a refined look and elegant. How about?Despite the initial provocation, this bridal collection is really beautiful! Simple, almost Dresses bohemian who also have the touch, blacks, with bolero short macramé lace. A collection that is surprising in its simplicity but also for that original touch that makes mention probably the decision to send a bride in lingerie on the catwalk was dictated by the desire to own popularity! Superb also the coat created with thousands of petals of chiffon, light and help to recreate a cloud effect.

For a spring bride who likes an original look and tailoring.