Inspiration for Carnival Themed Wedding

If you love the carnival revelry and want to put it even in the wedding, do not miss these tips!

Every good Carnival reveler is counting down the days to arrive at the long-awaited date, and if you are engaged and love this revelry, why not make your party on the date and with the theme? We separate beautiful inspirations, ranging from masked ball to street blocks. Check it!

  1. Wedding dress and accessories

With the theme Carnival you can not be a classic bride! It takes comfort to fall into the revelry. Therefore, you can abuse short dresses and low shoes. For the hair, the better you get arrested and if you want to stylize, how about using a voilette? Combines very well with the proposal.

  1. Groom’s outfit

For the costume of the groom the colors are worth in the lapel to nothing of formality in the look. Braces and light fitted shirt are the requests of the time. Here at you will find fitted shirts for groom.

  1. Decoration

More color, please! Carnival asks revelers, a mixture of colors and joy. Unless you choose a traditional masquerade theme and want to wear black and white. But even so, it’s worth investing in confetti and streamers, after all it’s a Carnival ball.

  1. Candy and page

An attraction aside, children can come with touches of Carnival to delight the guests, such as sequin in dress and sneaker.

  1. Bouquet

A different wedding calls for an unusual bouquet. Colorful flowers and even a non-flower bouquet are options, what’s up?

  1. Candy Cake

At the cake and candy table, bet on the theme colors and items that will make all the difference.Mix the sweets and attract attention to this item!