Individual Ceremony With Our site

In recent years, the demand has increased steadily for individual offers of marriage ceremonies. The wedding should be done not only with the legal entry in the marriage register but celebrated. Just pairs with different religious or cultural backgrounds looking for an appropriate festive alternative to religious marriage.

Until now, the search for appropriate ceremony head over countless websites and offers, what was sometimes difficult and time-consuming for the couples led. Mike Bucher has now created the remedy which the founding of Our site. They offer a professional network of different Zermonienleitern in Switzerland. You want to create free weddings for you with personal atmosphere, affecting not only you, but also your guests personally.

Individual ceremony

I conducted a small interview with Mike Bucher;

You are head of the ceremony and offer since 2014 free weddings and wedding ceremonies. How did you get to this task?

As a freelance presenter, I received a request if I could imagine, to conduct a wedding ceremony in the spring of 2014, out of nowhere. The couple was looking for someone who can make your ceremony loosely and entertaining.I had to consider not long and said to. Because the order of the first gave me great joy up to the last minute, I decided to provide henceforth free weddings specifically.

What differentiates a free wedding with you by a religious ceremony by a priest?

My weddings are the couples and their own personal love stories in the Center. They want no sermon, but an entertaining ceremony with very personal items. The wedding is to touch the wedding couples and their guests – so may be in between sometimes smirked at me and laughed.

With Our site, you have created a platform where independent head of ceremony offering their services.How is it that you are offering a platform for your competitors?

Our site is not an open platform, but a professional network of freelance Zeremonienleitenden. We replace us, educate us, inspire and help one another and reach so that the quality of our work is steadily increasing. Of which benefit our clients and customers. You can find out easily on our Web site, who fits best for them and who is ever available at her wedding. This is a point that sets us apart from most other providers.

And I would like to mention another aspect: the social factor. As ceremony Director I am often among people, but it mostly alone. It’s a good feeling to know a team of like-minded people to sign up.

Why should more couples claim your or your services?

Many of the couples tell me that they find contemporary free wedding ceremony, as the ceremony in a church. They marry civil and book us in addition to appropriately celebrate this great moment in the presence of their families and friends. I like that the couple today itself can decide how she want to marry.

How do you find the appropriate ritual designers?What should couples when choosing the suitable ceremony head?

In the best case, you marry only once in life, that’s why nobody wants to be on this day unpleasantly surprised. Therefore, we must master Zeremonienleitende our craft and work professionally. A first impression, if the quality is right, couples get quite early, about when looking on the website or on the basis of the communication manner of their desire person.

Whether someone is serious and if the chemistry is right, you realize what should be free of charge and not binding then at the latest at the first meeting.My two most important Tip: Pay attention to the gut and a doubt is a no.

How many weddings have you accompanied? Tell us about your so far most touching moment you had at a wedding ceremony.

After my debut in 2014, I was allowed to train last year already about 20 weddings. Especially moving I think enjoy respectively the marriage itself, when bride and groom join hands, look deep into the eyes and their common Yes. If the couple has even the courage to confess her love each other before all the guests gives an atmosphere that is unparalleled. This is the undisputed high point of each ceremony.