In Which Designer Will Entrust Olivia Palermo for His Wedding Dress?, The Question of The Week

But what a beautiful is love when it triumphs! And between Olivia Palermo y Johannes Huebl He has triumphed, from there to begin the year with very good foot and a wedding ahead. It is the style in person, hence the question that many people do now is how is the wedding dress? Do you risk? Will it opt for a classic cut? Many are the questions that are released, but I prefer to bet on who will be the lucky one in design such pledge. Valentino o Ralph Lauren they are between their large friends list, so it will be difficult where to choose the girl. That is why our question of the week It’s easy:

In which designer will Olivia Palermo trust for your wedding dress?

We remember the clueless that they must not answer here, but Jezebel answers.

The question of the week

The last question that you launched was related with the new year’s Eve and the choice of the outfit (something I always decide at the last minute). From there to my Companion Chloe formulate this question: what dress chosen for this new year’s Eve?