In 2012, It Has Managed To Start!

Usually I wait for in fact I share a success, but I have to tell you.

The first was that decided my daughter after just three months, to sleep through the first night. And that exactly in the night from the old into the new year. Thus, I’m getting more sleep again and should have enough energy to blog again to. Isn’t that wonderful?

Of course, this will benefit my family too. I had finally enough time to sort out the many photos of the last three years and to fill three photo books with the chosen photos. So is my son a picture can do that he was also times as small as his sister.

For me, there’s more time. I started with Pilates. Where I go at least once in a week. That’s not all. At home, I do exercises with my new app from Nike. Her name is Nike training Club (1.). Your training plan itself can put you together. And you can learn the exercises through videos and images. Can I recommend you highly.

If it continues as in the past few weeks my wishes will be (more blogging + better be in the photograph) and resolutions (fit) in fulfillment. I want a joy jump straight away!

My projects to yours. When will be get married? Do you like?

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