I Am The Bride & Groom Magazine

In the last few years I was allowed to meet numerous wedding service providers who give their best every day with much energy and enthusiasm for the bride and groom. We are pleased to say that more and more service providers of the quality and uniqueness of the embrace me incredibly. Both thumbs up! In the latest issue of the bride magazine

“Bride & groom” (output Switzerland) some service providers will be presented. I am also one of them and was allowed to give a brief interview. You’ll find it on page CH8 print output Switzerland 3-2014.

Thank you very much!

Also welcome I would like to thank me my advertising partners for your support. With the advertising you funded me, you can operate this blog. Including the annual hosting, costs for software and hardware, travel expenses, craft supplies for DIY posts, support costs for my children. Probably I forgot even a few more output points. Hereby I wanted to show you shortly, what I spend money and need some financial support.

I thank also welcome the wedding photographers for their pictures, which they make available. Without those photos, there is not this blog at all. Or perhaps already, but then he would be worse. Thank you that we have received the confirmation of so many service providers for our work on this blog. If you write us a love mail, or commented on our posts, provides us with such great photos of weddings, products, services. Or at our advertising switches. We are very pleased and it makes us really happy!