Hydrangea Wedding Decorations

The hydrangeas, yet widespread, are literally becoming a must for brides who love to combine color with that formality typical of white satin gown and strictly classical.

The hydrangea is one of the most romantic accommodations, tastefully and modern at the same time, which now is becoming a real must-have classic and formal marriage. There are so many brides for bouquets and decorations in the Church chose colored hydrangeas combined with each other or combined with other types of flowers.

Yellow, purple, blue, white and pink, but especially for brides more romantic hydrangeas now widespread among florists who take care of the twins, and that somehow they try to match the needs of those brides who find the blank now decidedly out of fashion as well as home decoration.

In Church, in the centerpieces, bouquets, and even about hairstyles, this flower has now clinched a status linked above all summer celebrations, where triumph more colors. Combined with carnations, peonies, roses, colorful hydrangeas in the combinations most frequently, are perfect for a formal wedding in a very elegant location, both for country marriages arranged at the farmhouse.

We leave you to our photo gallery for some interesting suggestion for the bride’s bouquet, decorations in church and then also what that combination elegant for centerpieces. Another option is to decorate the cake with fresh hydrangeas.