How To Decorate a Christmas Tree?

Since my childhood I’m used to that the dear Mommy adorns the Christmas fir tree in the afternoon. Real wax candles are what need to go with me to the tree, super fine, I find the beeswax. Large and small balls in up to three different colors. In recent years, what else can you not think of me, I decorated the tree in the Scandinavian IKEA style.

Well this year we’re not at Christmas and the subsequent holiday days (Yes, the blog will rest as long as) at home. Therefore, there will be no

Christmas tree this year. To the good luck we are on visit with our families, which are a decorated tree every year.

Next year I’m planning the Christmas tree and General decoration at least a week in advance, so I but a stand we have – they are so beautiful!

When you decorate your Christmas tree? At the twenty-fourth or even one week earlier?
Would be good to know that I next year the inspirations to the decorate the Christmas tree in a timely manner here present…

  1. By Baking utensils such as cutter, whisk, and small Wallholze, the right Christmas tree for the kitchen was decorated-seen atCountry Living.
  2. If you are no Angel himself, you can hang the tree at least so.Discovered on Martha Stewart.
  3. A well-fed-äähh-Christmas tree in the American style of Country Living. I find great idea that letters made of metal were decorated. You can thus be specified with small releases Santa Claus, market or the guests. Merry Christmas-merry Christmas!
  4. This Christmas tree by Martha Stewart is noticed because he’s so discreet in silver, gold and white decorated. There are wonderful Silver wash tub/sheet metal tub filled with gifts are.
  5. How to set the Christmas tree does not own in a silver basin.So, he has certainly always enough water and if it even gets tough you have to equal what delete. Here was waived while candles. Instead, it has used a string of lights.Seen at Country Living.
  6. On the Finnish blogtamalikainenparketti, I got this great DIY idea it discovered do. It’s simply homemade. To remove the trailer at the Christmas ball–recommended by me. Looks at the end a bit classier. Ball with Blackboard paint or a spray would be better coloring, then dry can be. Insert the trailer again in the ball. And what just write nice. Hyvää Joulua! Good Christmas!

Small Tip: A coherent image there if the gifts to the topic or matching the Christmas tree are wrapped.