How to Choose the Best Bridesmaid Dress for You

The moment you least expect it, you receive an invitation to be the godmother of your best friend’s wedding. Certainly, being chosen to witness the union of two people who love each other is a great honor. And as you will be at the altar, next to the bride and groom, knowing how to choose the ideal dress for the occasion is crucial.

How to Choose the Best Bridesmaid Dress for You

The godmother dress should be chosen in advance, because sometimes it is necessary to make some adjustments in the length and width of the piece. The godmother has the option of buying a dress or renting. If you have been invited, purchase the dress only if you are going to wear it on another occasion. If you do not like to repeat dresses on special occasions, it is best to rent a nice dress or borrow from a friend.

Choosing the dress

As there are several types of ceremonies, the godmother should be aware in some details for the choice of dress, such as date (will be in the summer or winter?) Place where the marriage will be held and the time. Once you get inside these details, you may already start thinking about which dress would look perfect for the occasion.

However, before choosing, ask the bride and groom if they have an outfit already scheduled. Sometimes, the bride and groom prefer to choose the clothes of the godparents, or set a specific color or model for everyone. This tradition is not much more common, but it pays to be sure before investing in a dress, is not it?

For the choice of dress, the first thing you have to know and rule in the fashion world of weddings is: do not buy a white dress because you can get attention and even be confused with the bride. Black also does not look good for the godmother – despite being a great option for the guests.

Okay, we already excluded two pieces of our choice: black and white. And what was left was a plethora of models and colors. Hence, the second factor to be thought about before choosing the dress is the wedding schedule. Then where will it be held. And finally, the choice can be made.

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Morning and afternoon ceremonies

If the wedding is held during the morning, prefer dresses made with lighter fabric and simple, like crepe. Long printed dresses can also be a great option as they are super trendy and look gorgeous. If the ceremony happens before noon, avoid glitters in the dress and very strong colors. Prefer the pastel tones, lighter, like beige, lilac and coral (which is up!) And leave the larger necklines for other occasions. The ideal length is the long, but if you fall in love with a model above the cinnamon is worth investing.

For weddings held in the afternoon, the tips are the same, only you can abuse a little more of the colors, and you can choose less discreet dresses. In general, shoes and sandals should jump, but without exaggeration.

Evening ceremonies

If the wedding is held during the night time, you can abuse the elegance and the brightness. Dresses with stronger colors can be complemented with rhinestones, brooches, earrings and necklaces filled with brilliance. The dress can also be more sophisticated with embellishments. Necklines can be worn to the right extent without seeming vulgar. The point is that you know if the ceremony is going to be held in the church and, if so, what religion the bride and groom, because some of them do not accept necklines and ask for a more discreet costume.

Sandals, like the dress, can be more eye-catching. The colors most used in ceremonies at night are silver and gold, always in high heels .

Ceremonies on the beach and on the beach

In these places, the dress model may be more discreet, not so bright and with lighter colors, similar to the marriages performed in the morning. Both on the beach and in the countryside, the long is not fundamental, after all if the dress is very long it can end up disturbing you and screwing along the way. So you prefer the light dresses, fluttering and above the cinnamon. The use of veils in the dress leaves the look super delighted and, at the same time, sophisticated and simple.

Just as the length of the dress decreases, the very high heel can also be left aside. Depending on the place and if combined with the dress, it even gives to change the heel needle for a table.

Tip: Just like the bride, you’re going to have to stay hours with the dress you’ve chosen. So do not let go of comfort when buying or renting clothes. Before you set the dress, check if it is not tight and if you are feeling good and beautiful with it.