How to Choose a Suit for the Groom

At the wedding, attention is drawn not only to the bride, but also for the groom, who should look masculine and elegant. The best way to do that is perfectly fitting suit jacket. Unfortunately, most men do not suits with too much experience and sometimes even women with a selection of wits. While just a few tips on choosing suit jacket and pants, can take anyone.

Tip 1: Watch your size

Conventional size of suit jackets move in even numbers from 46 to 58. However, not all stores offer all sizes and is more than possible that a store will fall 52 and the second 50, since each of the marks is calculated differently sized. When measuring more than six feet, you might need a long suit jacket, which are the numbers from 98 to 110. Approximately true that if you multiply the size of conventional twins, get extended length. An extended size of 52 is 104. The opposite is shortened length. Abbreviated size you notice when you divide the classic size of the two. Since 52 is therefore 26 and the like. Try a shorter dress if your height is around 170 cm or less, or if you are long sleeves with conventional lengths.

Tip 2: Space shoulders

You know the right size especially with the way the suit jacket fits shoulders. It may be best to carry on testing the suit jacket to take a partner who has crossed over from the top of the sleeves. Between the suit jacket and your shoulder would not be any space and shoulder seam should sit exactly at the break shoulders. Try to suit turn on the knob. If lavalier ducked or created hump behind the neck, you have a small number. Gentlemen are accustomed to from sweaters and sweatshirts at a lot of space and freedom of movement, and therefore often gravitate to larger sizes than is necessary because they feel that they can not move. Try, however, to see that the suit jacket was sitting on his shoulders. That error in the selection is at the first sight.

Tip 3: Slim fit or regular

Gentlemen who have normal character or broad shoulders and slim waist should choose a tapered cut. Fitted blazer also try in case you straight cut in the abdomen dangle. If, conversely nedopnete tapered type, go for regular. Sako, according to etiquette switched on only the top button. Firstly, according to etiquette and properly, and secondly fashions now fits better. Bottom knob remains in single row of suit jackets still open, while the double row of suit jackets are turned all the knobs. Double row jackets, however, are less frequent and most men prefer classic closing, whether on two or three buttons. Three button closure looks like a classic, but a little used leji than two buttons, and it becomes more high figures. This type of jacket will also help if the suit jacket lapel two button-growing.

Tip 4: Length Sleeveless

Again largely depends on what is the future groom accustomed. According to the rules should sleeve shirt reaching to the highest joint of the thumb and the jacket should be about 1.5 cm shorter. In simple terms: jacket should reach just above the beginning of an inch. However, if you stretch out hands, sleeves may seem too short, and therefore some gentlemen elect a slightly longer length.

Tip 5: Fabrics pants

The correct length of the pants is the top side of the heel. On the front of the shoe leg should form one fold. If you provide more humps, they would need to be reduced if not form even one is too short. Pants must not fall, but even they can not give the impression that they are so close that you sit down in them. Closer trousers are currently in, so do not be surprised when you offer a saleswoman. Ensure, however, make them directly silhouetted legs. Pants should coincide. If you dig in the groin, try a larger size or a different cut … or other trade. Feel free to take your time with a choice – marries only once.

Tip 6: Material and price

Prices of suits range anywhere between four and fifteen thousand and largely depends on the material. The basis of most high-quality suit jackets, wool and some with the addition of silk or cashmere example. The biggest hit in recent years glossy materials and fine patterns. Feel free to place a classic black suit jacket with taupe buy small strip – is equally suited to a wedding like black. If you’re brave, go to the light. At the wedding will be silver or cream suit jacket look great, but maybe it is more practical to borrow, you are probably only take one.

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