How to Be a Perfect Bridesmaid

According to the Anglo-Saxon tradition of the 19th century, the role of the maid was considered of great importance and was set up to confuse the evil spirits, or to prevent the bride was kidnapped by thieves during the ceremony. In fact, the dresses of bridesmaids of yore had to be identical or very similar to that of the bride to throw off the bad guys and ensure some security.
Now obviously no longer the case, but the bridesmaids were important part of a wedding centerpiece and, even in the Italian tradition, are becoming increasingly involved.

But what are the main rules to be a perfect maid nowadays?

Let set a few:

-Before the big day bride and bridesmaids spend much time together to suit tastes, desires and actions of women that will still be the undisputed star. The choice of dress is one of the actions to be undertaken and, if so, the most important thing is sincerity.

-The wedding day damsels should stand out from the rest of the invited wearing a dress more elegantly, maybe all the same color, and maybe with some floral accessory.

The dress to wear is preferably short according to if the wedding takes place in the morning, if it’s a long evening ceremony.

-The choice of jewelry and accessories must not be too flashy but in balance with the style of the bride, that is still the star of the day.

-In Church the bridesmaids open the wedding procession making the entrance before the bride who comes to last with his father.

A kit with makeup, tissues, needle and thread must be the emergency tools that the bridesmaids will have with them and they will use when needed.

-One last piece of advice to keep in mind is to live intensely every moment and enjoy with joy this day together with the bride, laughing, dancing and toasting with her.