Here Writes The Bride!

I am so delighted when I get mail. So, not about everything. You get it probably also in bulk, these strange mail, which says that you would become instantly rich and happy and slender, you would click this link only once. Ne. Something not. But when lands between advertising stuff an electronic letter of a bride that tells me that she is has inspired by my blog, I am delighted that! And just curious question: Dear Astrid, you like a little tell? Yes? Thank you!

Here Writes The Bride

Here we go:

“How great that I can write a guest post today! I am Astrid, work as a free editor in Hamburg and blog as Elbfrollein mostly about what makes for me to my absolute favorite city Hamburg.

When the sweetheart last year asked me whether I want to be his wife, was quickly clear that our wedding must necessarily take place on the Elbe. Not only because a crucial part of our very first dates in a beach chair on the Elbe was held… Sheer enthusiasm we could initially believe that is the Strandperle in Övelgönne civil trust can be.

We both love this corner of Hamburg very much. The Strandperle is a uniquely beautiful place where we feel short after work such as on the first day of the holiday, and also on a foggy Februarmorgen views of the ships and the port for us. On our wedding day in September, about half an hour before the wedding of penetrating drizzle a – typical Hamburg just sat. And I had imagined so cute with the pennant Garland, who had made my mother after the idea of Chris lace and white fabric for us. Outside before the upper deck it should deliver the last piece of the beach path for the right wedding feeling.But it had no purpose – before louder umbrellas the Garland anyway saw no one. So we hung up inside them in the upper deck. Not so easy at all to accommodate the 20 meters in the small room, but it looked great at the end.Exactly the right contrast to the amazing views of the container port. For us the perfect environment to say ‘Yes’.

We climbed down the ladder to the Elbe Beach, flanked by guests that colourful rose petals about us raining were newly married. One of so many moments that I didn’t like for ever. Fish sandwiches and Elbler, then also the Sun for us in the Hamburg sky shone.

All thanks to Chris for your great tips that have made our most special day a little nicer!”

Thank you, Astrid, that you have shared it with us. And you know what: you are such a beautiful couple. I wish you happy married life!