Have a Happy Wedding Day

I want it!: three short and simple words that hide a big change and a big revolution in the life of a man and a woman. From now on begin social obligations, problems linked to the union of the two families, possibly of different culture and habits, and the need to compose the score, both for the ceremony that for the rest of your life.
But don’t panic! Here is brief but useful tips to live peacefully married life and make your couple, “till death do you part.”

1. The stress of the preparations
Forget about shopping holding hands with your boyfriend to choose everything for your wedding. In fact there are few things you will do together because most of the tasks it will be up to you brides. You have to put your heart at rest even if some things you can delegate them to him by verifying that they have been made and thanking him for his contribution. Many “carrots” and “sticks” to arrive safely to the wedding day.
Whatever you choose, think seriously about the message and the image that you want to pull you and your couple.

2. The night before the wedding
You are anxious and doubtful about what you’re about to do? It is understandable and is a very common concern. But don’t worry: If you’re afraid it means that you are aware of the responsibility that we are taking towards others, means you have full awareness of what you are doing.
How to fall asleep easily? A glass of wine can help falling asleep and I recommend… forbidden to write to former!

3. The best day
It’s a big day, perhaps the most important of your life, and you have to enjoy it with great serenity. Don’t think about what you wanted to do and haven’t done, you live the ceremony as it is, even in the rain! It is a day to be dedicated to the couple, as you were one and the same, you are looking constantly, create complicity and look into her eyes as if it were your first date. Everything else, including wedding dresses, is just an accessory.

4. The honeymoon
A real paradise, you and him and no negative thinking that can undermine this unrepeatable moment. Take the opportunity to set a constructive dialogue, the behaviors that will keep track of what you want in your future life. The respect of one and the other must become the underlying theme, not only of your honeymoon, but throughout your life.

5. The re-entry after the trip
You are returned to the routine as if nothing had happened, even though in reality everything has changed. An authority has changed your status declaring husband and wife forever. Here comes the hardest part: remember to courting each other every day, without letting the commitments and everyday problems take over on you.
Talk and listen to each other and never forget to laugh together.

6. Happily ever after
The million dollar question: a marriage can really last forever? The answer is it depends. Are you willing to not give you never assume? Are you available to dialogue? You are able to ask you questions-critical debate to understand if you are valuing your partner as if for the first time?
Married life is constantly changing and is to be perfected day by day, to make it just like you want. It’s up to you to act actively in order to make happen what you want!