Guide to Match Wedding Dress and Bouquet

Wedding dress and bouquet, guide to the perfect match for a right choice of that small floral touch that must be in harmony with the dress. Hemispherical, small and roundish, Cascades, with mixed or long-stemmed flowers: the bouquet must match not only to dress but also the style of the wedding, the location of the wedding and, above all, must be proportionate to the figure of the bride.

To choose the bouquet for your wedding dress and complete the look of any bride, that is always the rule of the neutral color: white or cream flowers are a foolproof choice! But how do you pick the most fair and appropriate? First, it is best to follow a few little rules: select only the seasonal flowers and always keep in mind the physical conformation of the bride. A cascading bouquet is perfect for tall brides in body but little suitable is not so high and formosa.

Let us see the kind of bouquets that best fits the bride’s dress.

Cut to A wedding dress

Is one of the classic models: tight at the top, reach the life, then open wide, in a skirt that resembles a capital A. For this type of dress is perfect a Classic bouquet, that by spherical, in keeping with the style of the dress, made of daisies and white roses, or a modern bouquet, brightly colored, which break the rigorousness of the suit. Maybe in shades of purple or lilac, or with touches of Red between white roses.
Empire style wedding dress

A timeless dress that leaves large directly from the lower part of the chest, with fluffy and light fabrics. It is one of the most chosen by the curvy bride. You can match this dress a round bouquet, a small bouquet jewelry, romantic antique gold inserts, and flowers in shades of orange or Peach.Alternatively, a bouquet made of bluebells, slightly drooping forming a veritable cascade of flowers. For a romantic look!
Mermaid style wedding dress

A sensual fit suit, close-fitting and close to the knee and then open wide at the bottom. You can opt for a micro bouquet made of small flowers or flowers like poppies in shades of mauve, but also red. Otherwise you can also opt for a big bouquet with roses, lavender and buplerum that Captivate everyone, especially if you are a bride slim and tall can dare with a bunch of calle with long stems!