Going to a Wedding Day for Less Than 150 Euros? Choosing Good Clothes, It Is Possible to

What the style is not at odds with the money It is every day clearer and easier. It is also trivial with money it is much easier and faster to find a good look but looking good between all the options we have today we can get a few looks spectacular for less money. Now we must not spend a fortune whenever we have a wedding, today four looks for less than 150 euros.

Mixing shades pastel in a vibrant dress

This look is designed starting from a very simple color raspberry dress. To achieve a balanced and elegant result I opt for supplements of pastels on different colors. A necklace with sparkling stones and sandals with a square heel finish give it a modern touch to the look.

  • Bracelet color pastel green, Mango 4.99 euros.
  • Color dress raspberry and cutting straight, Dorothy Perkins 29 euros.
  • Necklace with sparkling stones of different colors, Zara 22.95 euros.
  • Clutch of salmon cake, white 19.95 EUR.
  • Shoes color nude strap at the ankle, Uterqüe 39.95 EUR.

Dress with architectural silhouette

What we seek in this case is the dress, with a very striking architectural silhouette, powerfully the attention. So we chose neutral or color makeup accessories or in gold or in the same tone of dress, so our point of attention will be the dress.

  • Dress architectural cutting of orange colour, Topshop 39 euros.
  • Pending squares of golden color, Asos 7.95 euros.
  • Nude-colored stone ring, Topshop 21 EUR.
  • Clutch of raffia in Orange, Pret a Beauté 19 euros.
  • Color nude, Bimba & Lola Sandals 44 euros.

Metallic green tones

Have a silver color dress always provide us a lot the choice of plug-ins, because it is a color that perfectly combines with almost all of the tones. In this case we have chosen green tones to bring freshness to the look. Playing with the Greens got a modern look Since it is not currently necessary to find all add-ins in the same tone.

  • Bracelets plated with green stones, Mango 14.99 EUR.
  • Dress of silver-colored and cut straight, handle 29.95 euros.
  • Earrings with tears of green, Blu Bijoux 17 euros.
  • Clutch with gold and green, colors stones Asos 28.50 euros.
  • Sandals of green, Zara 39.95 EUR.

Cherry and gold mix winner

A typical combination is the of the color burgandy and gold, with her we always acertaremos. In this case we chose a dress of sequins of golden color and accessories in the range of the Burgundy. With the detail of the two bangles we bring the look a touch of modernity.

  • Gold bracelets, Mango 12.99 euros.
  • Dress of sequins of gold-colored handle 15.99 euros.
  • Earrings Garnet color tears, Asos 6.63 euros.
  • Garnet snakeskin clutch, Awear 19 euros.
  • Burgundy-colored patent leather shoes, Zara 49.95 EUR.