Give Swiss Products

  1. Chain of the Atelier Coquet with Fox Trailer
  2. T-Shirt with imprint “Freddie” discovered in the Swiss MintoTextiles Etsy Shop
  3. Personalized handmade magnets from the Etsy Shop Umbu
  4. Winter snow balls found atglobe

  1. Cushion cover in the Shabby chic stylewith the French imprint “la ferme you Pré’-Hühnerfarm
  2. By Nespresso ascented candle that smells fine, fresh coffee
  3. Laptop bagby Navyboot
  4. Toiletry bag made from a vintage Swiss Army rugdiscovered in the Swiss Etsy Shop by Ecolution
  5. Swiss picture book from the Engadine for guys of the “Schellenursli” by Selina Chönz, Alois Carigiet-order in theOnline Shop Our site
  6. And for the girls”Florina and the wild bird”
  7. Wood helicopter with solar-powered propellerfrom the Etsy Shop Bertyand Masha
  8. On the weekend of 15-16 December winter Christmas market takes place on the clover square chapter forecourt bulwark Wonderland Bern. Winter Wonderland is an integral, independent market for design, art & fashion. On this market creative work can be purchased not only experienced, but also.There are art performances, a fashion show, a gallery, an open stage, culinary delicacies, dance and party. You can find more info on their Facebook page.
  9. Monday market ZurichBal organized the Christmas of Saint. Twice, the Saint finds Bal! Christmas market this year instead. First, they be held on the weekend of dem 7-9. Dec at the beautiful Plaza Club in Zurich, where about 40 exhibitors at small stalls offer their stuff. Two weeks later she then in the MAAG, where the Christmas market extends halls 3, Dec. 21-23. There ice, John Doe, sans talent, Joe Bless, Barbara always mulled wine, leather and cool sounds from the DJ Captain TEIs, Star KP. More info on the Web page Monday market by Vania & Katja