Gifts For Men

What he loves. Yes certainly will please your husband, boyfriend, fiance, brother or father, my selection of gifts. In the selection of gifts, it was important that they are practical, useful, stylish or also just nice to look at. I’m online shops in Switzerland and also Germans or even again at Our site  looking. What respect you for the gifts to buy?

He loves …was

1 Mani matter tshirt “I han Zündhölzli azündt and it go flame het e…” Each Swiss knows this song and of course the distinctive singer-songwriter. Found at Our site.

  1. What is a man without his phone? Arm. Practical: the Sony Xperia Z3 is waterproof. If it falls in somewhere where it doesn’t belong.
  2. typographic love and of course passion for whisky must both be present, otherwise you may not appreciate thisposter “Pop Chart Lab – The Many Varieties of Whiskey”.
  3. Useful: Socks. Especially in the winter. Of plain, coloured and patterned Dilly Socks these are suitable even for everyday office life.
  4. Movem ber with your donation you are supporting high-profile health programmes for the fight against prostate and testicular cancer. A super way to tell him that he is important to you!
  5. the bike is once again in the apartment and is constantly in the way friends, fell constantly. This useful part:”Iceberg” Oak Wood Bike Hanger to hang your bike on the wall is a stylish and practical hanging device. So you can do your and his concern out of the way.

7 men and candles do not fit. But men and camp fire. But if just one burning, yeah man can instead which this scented candle in the apothecary glass Sydney Hale & co. light – that so wonderful smells of wood fire & Ambra.

  1. Actually, I’m not so for decorated men. Mostly they attack more also in taste. These pieces by elie, among others at this necklace with a raw Epidote on a rhodium-plated silver chain, not guaranteed. You look around in the shop–because it has more selection.
  2. whether as a whole as a base for a hot pot or individually as atrivet for hot chocolate- both makes exceptionally good and useful in the household. Whether as a single or two, three, four. When assembling, it is as at that time in the Tetris play.

I hope you have you a little falls in love with the one or the other piece.Because next week I bring you a selection for you women!