Fun Colourful Wedding of John & Meghan | Part 1/3

Thanks to Pinterest, I stumbled on this joyous and inspiring wedding of John & Meghan. Then I had to find out be sure who has photographically captured this wedding. Thank you- Thank you Christa Kimble, that I may show these images here on Our site. And to relax you a little on the torture follow the pictures of the wedding in three parts. Now the first part…

Meghan wears a wedding dress with sweetheart by Nicole Miller, has purchased about Lovely Bride. During the fitting, she has the finger tip veil to by Erica Köhler worn and decided just for this. Accessories: an old Tiffany she’s earrings out of glass brooch from her mother (who had worn on her wedding) and a tourmaline cocktail ring, by her grandmother. At the bridal hairstyle, Meghan has braided front hair the braid and loosely pinned up the remaining hair.

John-the groom wears a suit of shirt checkered caramel with a dark blue. The groomsmen wear khaki-grey coloured suits with matching dark blue checkered handkerchief. The wedding witnesses could not decide for a common dress and so it ended up with four different colours in four different dresses. Finally, Meghan decided to incorporate these colors in her bridal bouquet. Great result, not?