Flower Shaped Wedding Cakes

Wedding: wedding cakes in the shape of a flower for a original and romantic cake. The most used is that of margherita, decorated in different ways and all perfectly in line with a marriage celebrated during the summer: here are a few ideas.

Spring, the season of ceremonies, especially weddings! The flowers are without doubt the protagonists in the wedding day, even when you choose an eco-friendly wedding, with single flowers in season. Flowers never fail even on the wedding cake, from the most elegant and minimal until the most vibrant and colourful. For a romantic and original cake, though, you can choose a lot more, which is a flower-shaped wedding cake!

The simplest form is a daisy, to be decorated in different ways. This consists of several cylinders of cake decorated with lilac ribbons and overlapped and Roses of the same color. A cake definitely elegant and discreet, original and non-trivial.

Always a Daisy, but we cannot say that this wedding cake is something already seen! Black Lace ribbons give a chic appearance to the whole cake, and are perfect if your wedding takes place in the evening. To give light and the white gem applications think of cake.

Love the atmosphere genuinely campestri? Then your ideal wedding cake can be inspired by this: many single flowers, colored ribbons reminiscent of branches and leaves on three floors Daisy.

If you prefer a cake on one floor, but very romantic, here’s the Daisy-shaped cake made precious by so many sugar roses, pale pink. Is the perfect cake for bride dreamer who loves elegance and good taste: Princess Yes, but discreetly!

If you don’t want to give up the colors, here’s the wedding cake for you! Four floors, with the first two to underpin reminiscent of Margaret, as well as the principal. Four are also the main colors, with colorful stripes decorate the plan left white. Many, ever present, floral decoration, with sugar roses that close the cake decoration of this cheerful and very springlike.

This floral shape is definitely to choose from if you want a cake that invokes the spring in every detail, but without becoming too extravagant. The decorations can be edible, but also made from real flowers, in harmony with the colors of the cake. From a very simple base, so you can create a wedding cake original and very personal!