Flower Decorations – Beautiful Decorations for Your Wedding

Colors are important in your planning for the wedding. The question is, what colors you will have in the decorations. You can choose to have lavish flower arrangements or you can stick to the more simple flower arrangements. Lavish decorations will be a good fit for larger premises, if you choose to keep her wedding in a castle or Manor House. But one can do entirely as it suits one. The next question is, what kind of flowers you want in floral decorations. The flowers you want, may be seasonal, and it must be just have in mind. But there will still be a wide selection of flower varieties and colors to choose from. The flowers also have a meaning color and maybe it will be able to give you an idea of what flowers you will use in your decorations.

Flower decorations with red flowers

Floral decoration red selector in red flowers in your flower arrangements, will the red flowers symbolize love, desire, devotion and passion. The red color is related to heat, fire and strength. The dark red shade expresses the deep mature love, suitable for those who have been together for a number of years. The bright hue stands for the young passionate love that chooses to marry shortly after they have met each other.

Red flowers: Roses, orchids, lilies, Calla, carnation, tulips, hydrangeas, hibiscus, flamingo flower and garbera.



Pink flowers

Pink flower in your flower arrangements will symbolize happiness, graceful, joy, youthfulness, innocence and adds a feminine touch. By using the bright red flowers, it will show the more soft and unassuming side of your relationship and will give the room a light and relaxed atmosphere. The pale pink flower is graceful and express gentleness. The common pink expresses joy and happiness. The deep pink/pink expresses more intense emotions.

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Pink flowers: Roses, orchids, lilies, Calla, carnation, tulips, hydrangeas, LILACS, hibiscus and garbera.


White flowers

White flowers will symbolize purity, perfection and innocence. The white flower is at the same time an expression of youthfulness, peace and elegance. White flowers will be used much in bridal bouquets and flower arrangements, since they fit in well with other colors.

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White flowers: Roses, orchids, lilies, Calla, carnation, tulips, hydrangeas, LILACS, hibiscus, garbera, Chamomile flower (flower path), white daffodil, magnolie, Jasmine Flower, Lily of the Valley and camellias.


Peach colored flowers

Peach colored flowers in your decorations will symbolize, chastity, purity, modesty, aloofness and innocence. Peach colored flowers will give a sense of peace, comfort and caring. For the very caring predict it will be a good idea to use this color in your flower arrangements. The peach colored flowers can sometimes almost look as if they go over in a more orange color or a light pink.

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Peach colored flowers: Calla, roses, Amaryllis, Buttercup, peasant roses and pieris


Orange flowers

Select in orange flowers, it will symbolize the pride, self-confidence, a new beginning, energy and vitality. We associate the color with the Sun and orange flowers will be to the bride and groom, who have strong passion for life and don’t mind being the center of attention. A red orange flower is an expression of pleasure, passion, sexual desire and domination. Dark orange is evidence of deception and lack of confidence. Yellow orange flower is the symbol of good health.

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Orange flowers: Roses, lilies, Calla, paradise bird and garbera.


Yellow flowers

Yellow flower will symbolize optimism, joy, positivism, friendship and bright Outlook. One comes to think of sunshine and the start of spring, when you see the color yellow. A bright yellow flower will catch one’s attention and is associated with freshness and joy. The golden yellow flower promises a bright future.

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Yellow flowers: Roses, orchids, lilies, Calla, carnation, Tulip, hibiscus, sunflower and Daffodil.

Blue flowers

Blue flowers in the decorations will lead one to think of a clear blue sky and calm sea. It is the color of peace, trust, loyalty, coolness, and it has a soothing effect. It also represents wisdom, truth and faith. Light blue flowers symbolize health, gentleness and peace. The dark blue flower also symbolizes power, integrity, and knowledge. Blue is also a very masculine color. Blue flowers can almost have a touch of purple in it.


Blue flowers: Roses, orchids, Calla, carnation and hibiscus.

Purple flowers

Select in purple flowers, it will create a sense of dignity and of something Regal. The purple flowers has something dramatically over the dark purple color is a symbol of power, where the bright Lavender is more refined and gives a touch of something delicious. Other bright colors of purple refers to the feminine and youthful.


Purple flowers: Roses, orchids, lilies, Calla, carnation, tulips, hydrangeas, LILACS, hibiscus and garbera.