Fertility = Marry?

This week I would like to discuss various issues around the time of the wedding with you.

Today, it’s about the influence of family planning. What comes first? The classical order in love, engaged, married and have children then I wasn’t personally important. I think today you also won’t have to marry because of the parents, the neighbors, the community. Or that required somewhere?

For us, it was so: on a long trip with my husband the desire had strengthened after a child when both of us. Shortly thereafter, I was

already pregnant. To marry at this stage would not have me in mind. We have decided that the solution with a mutual life insurance and a custody contract for our son is the most suitable for us. We were a happy couple for several years. It everything worked smoothly.

The desire to marry came when little man was already our world. Only because we realized that it would be nice to have a common family name.And that he speaks of his wife and I by my husband. Us death do part. Where does just that powerful feeling of connectedness? Probably, this has to do also with our brain stem.

The right time

When is the right time to the marry? If you have already a fertility? Before you’re pregnant or after the birth of a child?

I find it important that it clarifies the theme of fertility before marriage. There are out there actually women who only discuss this with their partners after marriage. Why just afraid they themselves? Are you afraid that makes the man from the dust, if it doesn’t work out with the common offspring?

Or other it goes like: first the engagement ring on the finger and shortly thereafter a roast inside of the tube. Then it says: get married now! Pregnant marry. Detractors claim it is because of the maintenance payments for child & wife. Or, others say the hormones are to blame. Even when the man? Or will he do just everything right, because to do so. Because society demands it so?

Here I’ve researched some online articles on the subject, which help you in answering perhaps, when the most appropriate time to the married it or not:

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  • Get married? Yes, but only if the children are – reversing a tradition(update 16.05.2014)

I would love, if you’re introducing your thoughts as a comment. So that we can… go this special situation on the ground and open questions