Fast Crib Sheets For The Easter Brunch

This year my husband and I have a little time needed. Children will be pampered from the grandparents and so we can make our leisure as before, only according to our needs. Unfortunately, the weather seems not to play…Then it’s just long breakfast sleeping out, all alone and go back to bed. And if we even go out, well packed with umbrella, make a small walk and stand up to the nasty weather. What does you do at Easter? Have you invited your whole family to the brunch?

Easter Brunch

Last year I invited (I hope he reads with) my in-laws and my dear brother-in-law to Easter Brunch. In preparation, everything went quite well actually. My husband was responsible for the purchase and he had thought of everything.Only for the table decorations, I had forgotten that I have not sufficiently many egg Cup at home. So I cut on the fast out of heavy paper, about 3 cm thick strips and glued together at the ends. So closely that the eggs are kept and not slipping. Finally, I cut out approximately 1 cm wide strips of newsprint and draped them as crib sheets to the homemade egg cups around.The Easter basket was ready.

We are looking forward to your Easter experience. How did you celebrate?Tells us a little what you so did a long weekend during this. Did you take nice pictures of it?
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Photos: Karin Näf

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