ECO Wedding Decorations

Many creative ideas and practices, but also very original, for decorating the House for a wedding. Set up the home of the bride-is just as important as the choice of the location of the wedding dress, bouquet, wedding favors and more. Many important details, such as indoor and outdoor wedding decorations that will make your home even more festive and welcoming, but avoid overloading the environment: the essentially is a key factor in terms of elegance and good taste wedding decorations wedding theme necessarily follow and taste of the bride: let us see what are the ideas easy to make hassle free and with a smile.

ECO Wedding Decorations 1

ECO Flowers and lanterns

The flowers can not miss because they represent the symbol of the beginning of a new life together and so much happiness, but above all with their scent will make the atmosphere even more special. Fill the House with flowers as hydrangea and lavender roses and calla lilies, but also that will transform the corners of the House in flower gardens. If you like American weddings, remember to place the floral bows as usual bride’s Gate. We suggest you also heart to hang, wreaths on the doors and a colorful centerpiece to give a note of cheerfulness, otherwise between the original ideas there are also glass jars with Ribbon for hanging on the window, a chic that will not go unnoticed. But also lanterns, vases filled with confetti, scented candles to put on the tables and cans scattered on the sills with a bouquet of wildflowers or a branch of lavender, add a few drops of essential oil to scent!

Definitions of ECO: representing ecology.

ECO Wedding Decorations 2

Brightly colored balloons

The balloons are a must for every festive occasion and cheer. Choose white or colored to match the old pink or cream, even for the choice of the wedding mood always follow nuance. With a little creativity you can create fanciful decorations and give life to shapes. You can set them free for rooms, in order to entertain the children, or add a composition of many balloons inflated above the corner table where to put the nibbles and drinks for guests who pass away from home before the ceremony.

ECO Wedding Decorations 3
Romantic sentences and origami

Get some cardboard and cut out letters to spell the word “Love”, applying it to walls or furniture. Another ECO idea original and perfect for those who want to plan a wedding budget, is that of origami to hang from the ceiling. Also, try wedding decorations such as festoons, easy to use and create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. Avoid flashy colors too: If you have a classic taste you prefer white or other neutral shades like cream, pale pink and ivory. Buy a full-length film of festoons and stop them with a flower or a flower arrangement.