DIY Wedding With Free Wedding By Katja Medical Photography

How is that at a wedding, when the members of the family of the bride and groom for the first time look? The bride and groom, hopes that all reasonably well understood. Some play the whole festival in mind by including the worst possible scenarios, as known from movies. I think you should be confident that it is already well or even better…

It was also at the wedding with free wedding of Pamela & Angel: it comes from Germany, he is from Venezuela. Their families understand miracles gorgeous right off the bat. So you all could share this great celebration, which Katja healing has recorded photographically.

Katja has a little told how the marriage was:
“The story of Pamela & Angel is trilingual, because the two live together in Sydney. She comes from Bavaria, he from Venezuela. Many years ago, they have met as an exchange student in the United States, lost sight and then recovered. In the Weilachmühle at Thalhausen, both family and many friends from different countries for the first time met to give her vows with the two together.

Despite the distance, both have organised everything myself and made, because it was a real DIY wedding. From the invitations through the tri-lingual program booklets, the flags on the straws, and the signs at the location they have designed everything myself and tinkered. All service providers have been researched on the Internet and asked via E-mail and everything worked great. Even the weather has cooperated, because the sun shone from the sky and dispelled the worries of Venezuelian guests that it was cold in Germany in the summer.

The free wedding beginning in the garden of the mill place. Even umbrellas were placed quickly, so that all in the shade of a place was found. The reception in the garden was a pure summer festival. Lanterns and vintage tableware decorated the coffee table, children jumped around and moved towards the evening, continue to celebrate society in the barn.

A wonderful celebration, where all of the linguistic and cultural differences skillfully United and just enjoyed a glorious wedding day.”

Photographer: Katja healing photography
Location: Weilachmühle Thalhausen, Bavaria, Germany
Papeterie: The bride herself!

Thank you Katja for the beautiful pictures!