DIY Table Decorations In The Scrapbook Style

Discarded glass bottles and jars of jam with paper sleeves & ornate bands and already has your cheap arrangement in the ranks of the beautiful & precious.

You need for the decoration of glass bottles: A “Bordürenstanzer dotted scallop” for the pages of brown paper sleeves. For the whites, you can, for example, take the “Bordürenstanzer Martha Stewart floral Lace”.

The table numbers were easily mapped out in pencil first and then only single points of “punching plier hole” small cut out.

As a small gift / giveaway, the jam jars were filled it with M & M. Little round doily, cotton or linen wrap with twine. The pendant made from thick paper with the “circle scallop slim punch 2” (5. 08cm) cutting, plus a hole to the link and print the “thank you”stamp. Bind to the glass and your table decorations to an attraction is already rich.

Here is a super simple way to beef up the simple and cheap paper placemats…

Cut a long paper table cloth as a runner. First, with the “Bordürenstanzer Martha Stewart small Ribbon Threader” punching the side holes/loops. Then with the “Bordürenstanzer example The pattern border punch Martha Stewart floral Lace”. At the end, still a pretty Ribbon threading and your table with your homemade table runner is a real eye-catcher.