Chantel Page Wedding Dresses

Chantel 2016 wedding dresses are sophisticated yet modern simplicity, such as to impress both the bride who dreams of wearing a minimalist dress is the one that seeks a real haute couture dress. Between Mermaid dresses, skirts in soft tulle and mikado there is an embarrassment of choice!

The new collection of wedding gowns 2016 by Chantel leaves everyone breathless. Hers are very modern and contemporary wedding dresses, which does not necessarily imply that they are also very creative: quite the opposite, since the mood of new wedding line is absolutely minimal! It is designed for the bride who likes the simplicity and that want to wear something special and that doesn’t go unnoticed, but that nonetheless you redo that classic elegance of more traditional wedding dresses.

The new creations by Chantel are sublime and refined, classically inspired especially in the selection of fabrics but by modern cuts, whereby also the typical Mermaid wedding dress is not the classic wedding dress that you already know. Not to mention the trend of short wedding dress and the preference of the atelier apparels from asymmetrical cuts, which uncover the knees but compensate with a beautiful tail.

There is a meticulous attention to embroideries, but is also evident in a predilection for the flakes, which Paez has used in many creations of her New Bridal collection, where there are not even the most classic: beautiful dresses, loose skirt and voluminous that also like to brides. But surely the model that goes for more is to soft and slipped that gently passes through the silhouette, very minimal clothes that greatly enriches Chantel, however, in the back.

I mean, between mikado dresses, lace bustier and tulle dresses there is an embarrassment of choice! Preview the new collection of wedding dresses Chantel 2016 in our gallery, ne rimrrete charming!