• Anne Bowen Bridal Couture
    Bridal Couture

    Anne Bowen Bridal Couture

    Anne Bowen Brand Facts: – Anne Bowen’s wedding dresses can well display the inner confidence and personality of women by their designs. – Anne Bowen got inspirations from her mother, and her designs are often simple for the outline with…

  • Badgley Mischka Bridal Dresses
    Bridal Couture

    Badgley Mischka Bridal Dresses

    Badgley Mischka Logo: Brand Facts: Badgley Mischka is an American fashion brand providing women’s apparel, shoes, bags, watches and other accessories for customers worldwide. The designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka are named as one of “The Top 10 American…

  • Austin Scarlett Bridal Couture
    Bridal Couture

    Austin Scarlett Bridal Couture

    Austin Scarlett Logo: Brand Facts: Austin Scarlett is a fashionable brand of couture collections including wedding and evening gowns. The dresses are luxury and delicate, with unexpected romance. The designer adds creativity and classic elegance in their design to create…

  • Cymbeline BBW
    Bridal Couture

    Cymbeline BBW

    Cymbeline   Logo:     Brand facts: Cymbeline is a French leading fashion brand specialized in designing luxury wedding dresses which has won the Wedding Trends News award of the best French designer for many times. They use the finest…

  • Atelier Aimee Bridal Dresses
    Bridal Couture

    Atelier Aimee Bridal Dresses

    Atelier Aimee Brand Facts: – Atelier Aimee, while Aimee means “loved” in French, is a leading brand of bridal couture in Italy and worldwide. – They are committed to design the best bridal gowns which can make the future brides…

  • Eugenia Maxi Dresses
    Bridal Couture

    Eugenia Maxi Dresses

    Eugenia Couture Logo:     Brand facts: Eugenia Couture is an American leading fashion brand specializing in designing couture bridal gowns for stylish brides. Their mission is fashioning the picture-perfect bride, providing the most beautiful gowns for the brides in…

  • Impression Bridal Dresses
    Bridal Couture

    Impression Bridal Dresses

    Impression Bridal Logo:     Brand facts: Impression Bridal is an American brand specializing in designing wedding dresses including bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses, and other special occasion dresses. The commitment to quality garments is the…

  • Bridal Couture

    Collette Dinnigan Bridal Couture

    Collette Dinnigan Logo: Brand facts: Collette Dinnigan is an Australian leading fashion brand producing ready-to-wear, bridal gowns and lingerie for women in the world. Collette Dinnigan is the first Australia designer to be invited to show in Singapore’s Audi fashion…

  • Bridal Couture

    Heidi Elnora Bridal Couture

    Heidi Elnora   Logo:     Brand facts: Heidi Elnora is an American fashion brand specializing in designing stylish wedding gowns for people in the worldwide. Their gowns are favored by many people for the high quality, innovative design and…

  • Bridal Couture

    Elie Saab Bridal Couture

    Elie Saab   Logo:     Brand facts: Elie Saab is a Lebanese fashion brand manufacturing haute couture, ready-to-wear, perfume and accessories for people in the world. Elie Saab represents femininity in his designs, by using fine materials and his…

  • Elizabeth Fillmore Bridal Dress
    Bridal Couture

    Elizabeth Fillmore Bridal Dress

    Elizabeth Fillmore Logo:     Brand facts: Elizabeth Fillmore is an American leading fashion brand specializing in designing bridal gowns and evening dresses for people in the world. The designer is quite focused on individuality balanced with femininity and sophistication,…

  • Bridal Couture

    Inbal Dror Bridal Couture

    Inbal Dror   Logo:     Brand facts: Inbal Dror is an Israeli brand specializing in designing bridal gowns and evening dresses with high quality and innovative design. Their dresses represent a sense of unique femininity and timeless elegance which…

  • Bridal Couture

    Ivy & Aster Bridal Dresses

    Ivy & Aster   Logo:     Brand facts: Ivy & Aster is an American brand specializing in designing bridal gown, social dresses, ad campaigns and other accessories. Their dresses represent happiness, laughter and love. They pay much attention to…

  • J. Mendel Bridal Dresses
    Bridal Couture

    J. Mendel Bridal Dresses

    J.Mendel Logo:     Brand facts: Mendel is a world famous brand designing and manufacturing women’s clothing including read-to-wear, fur, bridal gowns and other accessories. They insist on the principles of extraordinary quality, unparalleled style and innovative craftsmanship, and their…

  • Bridal Couture

    Jasmine Bridal Dresses

    Jasmine   Logo:     Brand facts: Jasmine is a world famous brand specializing in designing wedding dresses like bridal gowns, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, special occasion dress and so on. They have a goal of providing brides the…

  • Bridal Couture

    Janell Berte Wedding Dresses

    Janell Berté   Logo:     Brand facts: Janell Berté is an American brand specializing in designing couture wedding gowns which are famous for its excellent workmanship and needlecraft. They combine traditional skills with contemporary fashion styles in their design,…

  • Jenny Packham Lingerie
    Bridal Couture

    Jenny Packham Lingerie

    Jenny Packham   Logo:     Brand facts: Jenny Packham is one of British most successful and independent fashion brands providing ready-to-wear, bridals gowns, lingerie and accessories. Jenny Packham has introduced a new kind of design and style to bridal…

  • Jenny Yoo Bridal Couture
    Bridal Couture

    Jenny Yoo Bridal Couture

    Jenny Yoo Logo:     Brand facts: Jenny Yoo is an American fashion brand specializing in designing and manufacturing wedding dresses for brides, bridesmaids, flower girls and so on. They focus on understated beauty and grace in their designs, and…