Bridal Bras

Should one have white bridal underwear on under her wedding dress? In fact, it is entirely up to you. White underwear is a safer choice, but some also think it can be a bit boring. However, you should be aware that if you choose to switch white underwear out with colored bridal underwear, and your dress is a little thin in substance, so you will be able to be seen under your dress. It will not look especially nice if one can suspect a red bra and panties under the white dress. But beyond having to have that in mind, so it is a freely, using the color you want.

Strapless bra

A strapless bra has no straps, as it is high. However, it follows that straps with, so it can be used as an ordinary bra with straps, if desired. A strapless bra should sit well below the chest and on his back, as it is the one who holds the bra up. The bra is usually moulded and lighter padded so that it gently forms your bossom. A strapless bra is a good deal for your wedding underwear, if you have chosen a wedding dress that is strapless. Check out for more on wikepedia.

Bridal Bras

Padded bra

A padded bra has a nice round surface by cleavage and provides a good support to the chest. Padded bra can well be used for women with a fuller bosom, because it gives the bust a nice boost. The BRA covers only half of the bust, so if you have chosen a wedding dress that is easier low cut, so will this bra fit well with the dress section. Find this type of bra on bridgat.


Push up bra

If you are a woman with a small bosom, then a push up bra, you must choose, as some of your wedding underwear. A push up bra will give your breasts extra fullness and create a really good cleavage, because your breasts will get a push from the side. A push up Bra will usually have fill with gel or extra pillows, which can be taken out, if desired. If you have chosen a wedding dress with deep neckline, this bra will be a good choice. See more here.


Minimizer bra

If you are a woman who has a large bosom and want it to look less out, then it is a minimizer bra you must have purchased. With this bra, you can reduce your bossom, with a bowl size. The custom-designed bowls makes that your breasts will be uniformly distributed in the bowl, which then creates the illusion that the bust will be less. If you’d like to your bossom, should not be so dominant in your wedding dress, then it is a minimizer bra you must select as bridal underwear. Try it now on this website.

Bras 3

Underwired bra

If you think that your bossom is nice as it is, but would like to have a little support, so you should choose a regular bra. It gives you a little lift and the natural look from your bossom, is retained.

¾ the Bowl

¾ the Bowl does not cover the entire breast, but the promises and good support around the breasts. The straps sit a little further out on the side of the BRA. ¾ the bowl is good for a wedding dress that is easier low cut.

Full cup bra

According to, full cup bra is pretty good, if you have a large or a little heavy bosom. A full Cup bra covers all your bossom and you get full support in the right places. The shapes your breasts and keeping them well in place. The bra is reinforced at the sides and back. It has a wider back and more hooks, depending on what size bra purchased in.