Blogger Gain For Stylehäppchen Is Here!

“Good thing wants to those who wait.” What are good takes time. Last August I was here looking for support for the blog. It took a little more time, but I am finally struck. I think we fit well together. We share the same taste. And laugh and get upset about the same thing. I am pleased you today my new colleague, or rather, to present my new Bloggerkollegin. The love Céline will support me in the future and write blog posts. You can see each at the end of the article, who has written the article. Are so sweet, and from time to time write a comment, as it is with blogging. And because we don’t want to wait how she do so, Céline can imagine yourself right here…

Hello dear Stylehäppchen readers

Caution! A new blogger is a creeping-I. This “I” is also a name you may hardly believe it. My name is Céline Mastel and come from the region of Baden AG. My work is about the opposite of creative and has to do with numbers. , Ever interested in who I can tell like the dear age you. I’m 24 in a few days.

How I came to blog? Quite by accident, the paths of Karin and I have crossed. And even on the world wide web-www. There is fate. What I still can tell that I marry myself later this year and find exciting scary what be traversed in the preparations for emotional heights. Of course, sooner or later some stumbling blocks in the game, bringing one back on the ground come. But what the heck, to not do you like me! Cheer up, let’s not get you there.

5 facts about me-then it is enough as well.

  1. The best decision that I have met in my life, is to marry my first great love and not always listening to all the comments. Yes, our colleagues have given 2 days up to a maximum 3 weeks. Now it’s been 6 years! Ears to and heart on!
  2. I don’t like a few things.But what I like least is potatoes Peel. With this Sparschälern (there was probably brain saved) I cut off the nails regularly. Therefore, then at least from three months before the wedding, they are taboo.
  3. My brothers and sisters are the best of what there is.Fortunately, I have four of them. Everyone has his job on the wedding sooo handy and Nice, you want something more?
  4. Reading and writing! Actually they were never my strengths and certainly not my passion. Embarrassing, but I have for my book talks in school no single book ever really read. It was always so bad before such presentations. You get older and things change.
  5. I’m a real Schleckmaul and so my first blog topic is already set. It’s about pies. Stay tuned!

Up soon, I am looking forward to you.