Belen Rodriguez Alessandro Couture

A great ambassador for this brand of wedding dresses made ​​in Italy: I’m talking about Belen Rodriguez for Alessandro Couture. Romantic dresses, fashionable and perfect for younger girls who love to dream: Belen embodies the woman Alessandro Couture and this is why the designer chose her as his testimonial. Each dress in the collection has a very special name: they are all inspired by the aromatic and herbal plants medicinal. Alessandro Angelozzi is the designer who is behind this brand: since 2000 produces the highest quality clothes and a sensuality unique.

Highly appealing the red dress, designed by Physicscat specifically for the testimonial Belen Rodriguez while there are also several models simple very suitable for those who love minimalism. The fabrics are always very precious: next to the lace, here is the chiffon, cashmere, the macramé lace… so if you look for luxury this is the place for you! in an interview with I bride is what reveals the designer on collaboration with Belen Rodriguez: “For this campaign I imagined a wedding perfect, star of Alice in the country of Wonderland (…). Belen is just that: the combination of many factors, including the simplicity, which now unfortunately is disappearing more and more. “And finally the precious tips stylist to all the wives which he said:” They must always turn to a true professional who the tips well, directing them towards a model that reflects their personality and meets the seductive factors, that every woman possesses.”