Beauty Tips for Wedding Day

Although beauty comes from within, one may help it a bit on the way. On the big day, all eyes will be fixed on you, and you will be the center of many camera lenses. Beauty tips are shared here to get radiant skin, delicious legs and clear kiss lips.


Drink and sleep make you beautiful

– Drink plenty of water. There is nothing to be seen more clearly than a dehydrated skin. It highlights one’s lines and gives puffiness under the eyes.

– Sleep well through the day. Although it can be difficult if you are nervous and tense, it is really important to have slept well. It is the best cure to avoid black circles under the eyes.


Radiant and healthy skin

Cleanse the skin in the week leading up to the big day but not the day before. Drop the big trip the day before with squeezing, crushing and fixing the skin, and too much make-up to cover it, and it’s not nice.

Peel and scrub your skin

The more sleek and smooth skin is, the better and finer your makeup will lie on the skin. It is therefore important that you already start to peel the skin of the face and scrub your body in the weeks leading up to your big day – like several times a week so your skin is as vibrant and resilient as possible.


Become gentle and delicate as a butterfly with a body scrub as strong as cat woman

Mix the coffee beans in your cream-residues. Mix it so you get a consistency that you like it. When you have showered in the shower and the skin was moist, warm and soft you will take your mix of coffee and cream and scrubber whole skin well and thoroughly. Give the ultimate gas – your skin does not into pieces. Scrub until your skin is completely fine and smooth, like up to three times a week in the week leading up to the wedding. This beautiful scrub can be used for body and face. You can also choose to buy delicious and effective coffee peeling, if you do not want to do it yourself.


Nice and soft summer legs

Hair removal of leg must also be done several days before the big day, so you are not red and have the studs. The best result is achieved by epilating, sugaring or waxing, as it lasts longer than to use the scraper. By hair removal, it is important to scrub the skin afterwards, so you get rid of as many dead skin cells as possible, so the risk of ingrown hair is minimized. Follow effective tips used after hair removal:


Hair removal:

Take a tea bag filled with chamomile flowers (available in chemists or health food stores), pour boiling water over and let it soak – preferably for several hours. Twist the bag so you get everything with. Pour it all onto an empty spray bottle and spray the skin after hair removal. Natural wonderful agent azulene, which comes from the true chamomile, it is the most bacterial retardant agent – that is why chamomile is effective for hair removal.


Healthy and fresh skin – all day

Moisture your skin during the day, so it does not dry out. Mist your skin several times a day. When you lose, it must not be too close to the face, it must instead feels like walking through a green section of the larger supermarkets.


Delicious and natural mist

Recycling your chamomile extract spray, but add a ½ cm fat – it can be either a good olive oil from the kitchen or a beautiful body oil, if you have. Shake it, mist your skin and feel how you adds moisture to your skin.


Get honey soft lips

The last thing you do in the bath is to take a tooth brush, dip it in honey and brush off any loose on your lips as you forms a tight and tip kissing mouth. Brush off dead skin cells from your lips. Let it sit for as long as possible before you rinse your hair out and wash excess honey. Do it every day/week up before, so that your lips will be soft and kissing ready.


Nice summer feet

You are struggling with tough skin under your feet or maybe heel cracks, so remember to care for the feet in the weeks leading up to the wedding. There are many products on the market, but the absolute best and most effective is fodfilen. It is an amazing and unique that it gently and comfortably removes the hard skin and leaves the feet silky.


Great tips for the day

– Save your perfume samples – they are easy to clean with a little plain household rubbing alcohol. Then your favorite perfume came in – so you don’t have to think about where your maid of honor is when you need to be refreshed with fragrance, you can store in your bra.

– Have a little hairspray with you so you can make sure that your hair will sit all evening and night. Keep yourself from hairspray with fragrance — you want to smell your perfume and not hairspray.